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The Extraordinary Life Of Lara Craft (Not Croft) - Lola Salt (2013)


Lara manages to land on her feet after losing her job and her boyfriend on the same day. She reconnects with a childhood friend on a blind date and, through him, lands a job as a courier hand-delivering packages all over the world. The places she travels to are exotic and exciting. The people she meets are interesting, strange, bizarre and entertaining. With each delivery, Lara finds herself experiencing new sights, sounds and adventures, some a lot of fun, some downright scary and some completely insane.
I really loved Lara and her approach to this new life. She demonstrates a spirit of adventure and an open mind, which, in her situation, is a necessity and something I greatly admire. Lara was easy to relate to and connect with. I loved that she is receptive to change and not afraid to experience new things. Along the way, she realises who she is and the importance of home, friends and family.
The secondary characters all bring their own entertainment and charm to the story, though I liked some more than others. I thought the ending was a tad rushed, but all the loose ends got tied up nicely. I loved this book, snorted out loud and laughed myself silly all the way through it. I highly recommend it for the entertaining and hysterically funny adventures Lara goes on and the interesting people who cross her path. (SH)



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