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The Exes' Revenge - Jo Jakeman (2018)


Imogen, Ruby and Naomi have one thing in common: Phillip, the man they all fell in love with. Imogen's love for Phillip has been over for a long time and she is finally getting the divorce and freedom she's been waiting for. Until Phillip threatens to get the house and the custody of their six-year-old son. Desperate and ready to do anything to protect her son, Imogen does the unthinkable. And when Ruby, Phillip's first ex-wife, and Naomi, his new girlfriend, get involved, things quickly spiral out of control. How far will these women go to get their revenge and finally be free of the man they once all loved?
The beginning was a bit slow, but as I kept reading I was soon captivated by Imogen's story and found myself reading late at night to see how the story would end. The three women at the centre of the story are well-developed, flawed, and completely different from each other. Their relationship is complicated, but circumstances and needs bring them together and it was fascinating watching them learning to trust each other.
Jo Jakeman's writing is clear and captivating and she deftly writes about complex themes such as domestic violence, abuse and loss. This is a dark and compelling debut thriller that will keep you glued to the page. (NP)



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