The Diary of a Submissive details journalist Sophie Morgan's journey into the world of BDSM, firstly through casual relationships and then with the enigmatic James. The summary says: "Sophie Morgan is an independent woman in her thirties with a successful journalism career. Intelligent, witty and sarcastic, she could be the girl next door. Except that Sophie is a submissive; in the bedroom she likes to relinquish her power and personal freedom to a dominant man for their mutual pleasure. In the wake of Fifty Shades of Grey, here is a memoir that offers the real story of what it means to be a submissive, following Sophie's story as she progresses from her early erotic experiences through to experimenting with her newfound, awakened sexuality. From the endorphin rush of her first spanking right through to punishments the likes of which she couldn't begin to imagine, she explains in frank and explicit fashion the road she travels. But it isn't until she meets James that her boundaries are really pushed. As her relationship with him travels into darker and darker places the question becomes: where will it end? Can she reconcile her sexuality with the rest of her life and is it possible for the perfect man to also be perfectly cruel? " Morgan said she had always loved erotic fiction. "But while Fifty Shades of Grey has encouraged thousands of women to spice up their love lives and talk honestly about their fantasies and things they want to try - which can only be a positive thing - the book has done little to remove the misconception that submissives are doormats or throwbacks to a pre-feminist age," she said. "The portrayal of Anastasia's experiences as a submissive woman is pure fantasy. I wanted to show people what it's actually like to be a submissive in the real world, and not just because, like most sensible women, I'd get Silence of the Lambs flashbacks if a strange man offered to show me his red room of pain."

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