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The Death of Mrs Westaway - Ruth Ware (2018)


Chased by creditors and living on canned food, Harriet "Hal" Westaway can't seem to find a way out. Reading tarot cards on a pier in Brighton isn't going to solve her problems so when she receives a letter from a lawyer informing her that her grandmother has died and she is one of the heirs, Harriet decides to travel to Cornwall to retrieve her inheritance.
The only problem is that there must have been a mistake of identity because Harriet's grandparents died when she was little, or, at least, that's what her mother told her. But now her mother is dead, she has no other family, and she really needs the money. When Harriet gets to Cornwall, she finds out that her deception is unlikely to be a problem when there is a house full of secrets and a family estranged for years.
I love Ruth Ware and this book has quickly become one of my favourites from this author. It is dark and suspenseful, with a cast of complex characters that keep you glued to the page. Tarot cards, secrets and an atmosphere worth of an Agatha Christie's novel create a must-read not to miss! (NP)



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