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The Day of the Wave - Becky Wicks (2015)


Isla and Ben met as sweet 16-year-olds, both holidaying in Khao Lak, Thailand. They spend an idyllic eight days together during Christmas 2004; then the tsunami hits. Both lose loved ones and leave Thailand when all hope is lost that they would find the other alive. Years later, in a strange twist of fate, they meet again, incredulous that the other is alive. Both have had to face their demons and have moved on to love others. Isla has a crippling fear of water and has recurrent nightmares. Ben blames himself for the loss of his little brother and won't leave Thailand in the hope he might re-appear. No longer innocent teens, both are shocked at their enduring connection. Can they overcome their tragic pasts to help one another and learn to really live again? This sensitive subject is dealt with beautifully by the author who delivers a tale of surprising depth. (LF)



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