The Dating Game - Susan Buchanan (2012)

Gill is a successful businesswoman but can't seem to find a suitable partner. She decides to join a professional dating agency in the hopes of finding her perfect man. She goes on a series of dates with eligible bachelors, with some hilarious consequences. I liked Gill from the start. She seemed like a friend, and as the story progressed I really felt like I got to know her. Her three best friends add humour and insight into her past relationship disasters, and I particularly liked Lisa. Their trip to Barcelona was very well written, it's a city I know and love, and the author really did it justice as well as giving a brief history of the city for those who wouldn't be familiar with it. Gill's series of dates are very funny. They range from romantic to disastrous and they are very true to life, it wouldn't have been very realistic if they were all either great or terrible, so I was pleased that there was an interesting mix. There are enough twists in the plot to keep you guessing until the last page, although I felt the story ended a little abruptly. Overall, a very entertaining read from a very promising author. (LO)

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