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The Dark Lake - Sarah Bailey (2017)


Rosalind Ryan is beautiful and loved by everyone so it comes as a huge shock when her body is found in the lake in the small town of Smithson. It is up to her former classmate Gemma, now a detective with the local police, and her partner Felix McKinnon to find out who killed her. An English and drama teacher at the local high school, it seems she was loved by all her students and the other teachers but by some a little too much. A strange relationship with her family, a seemingly non-existent social life, and problems at her former school don't make the search for the killer any easier. Additionally, Gemma has demons from her past to deal with, a complicated love life, and a son she barely sees.
Gemma's messy personal and love life kept me hooked to the book as much as the murder and its investigation. The characters are deeply flawed and they felt real and the story is very well-written and captivating. With vivid descriptions and a compelling plot, this is a story not to be missed! (NP) 8/10



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