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The Client - Pamela DuMond (2017)


At a wedding, Charlotte mistakes Joe for a waiter after he spills the scotch he was carrying on her and sparks fly. Later, Charlotte, who works for a matchmaking company, is given Joe Delacroix's profile because his grandmother thinks he needs a perfect match. The thing is that Charlotte is head-over-heels for Joe and vice versa, but dating him is breaking one of Charlotte's number one rules - no dating the clients. Just as they get closer, we discover that their past and the worst moments of their lives are in fact intertwined. Can Joe and Charlotte work out their differences or will this be another relationship for Joe and Charlotte that is over before it has even begun?
I loved this book despite it being a subject that has been written about numerous times. I fell in love with Charlotte and enjoyed her partnering with Joe too. The other thing I loved was the fact that Joe has a Masters in Library studies, as a librarian myself I appreciated that Joe was a book lover. It's a fast-paced romantic comedy/ suspense that draws readers in from the very first meeting of Joe and Charlotte. (PP) 7/10

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