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The Child - Fiona Barton (2017)


The discovery of a child's body on a construction site draws three women together. Kate is a reporter who thinks the story may be bigger than it seems. Angela hopes that it is the body of her daughter Alice, kidnapped from the hospital right after birth 40 years ago. And Emma thinks it is a secret from her past ready to surface and destroy her. As Kate investigates, she gets closer to Angela and Emma and uncovers more than one secret.
At the beginning, I found the narration slow-paced, but as I kept reading I became more and more immersed in the story, which is about love, loss and the search for the truth. What I liked most is how the author focuses on the relationship between Kate, Angela and Emma. These women bonded over a tragedy and trusted each other more than they trusted their husbands who were left much in the background. The characters are well-developed and my favourite is Kate. Like the author, she is a journalist, she is determined and she works hard to get people to talk to her but she has an human side and she isn't afraid to put her story on hold to help the police find the truth. I also liked how she slowly warms up to Joe, the young trainee who shadows her everywhere. Gripping, suspenseful and with an unpredictable twist at the end. (NP)



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