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The Breakdown – B. A. Paris (2017)


After a night celebrating the end of the school term, Cass takes a shortcut through the woods to get home. The road is dark and a storm is hitting hard when she sees a car laying on the side of the road. Inside there is a woman but she doesn’t seem to be in need of help and afraid it may be a trap like you see in horror movies, Cass keeps driving. The next morning the news announces that a woman was found murdered the night before on the same road. Consumed by guilt, Cass starts forgetting things like presents to buy or friends who she invited over. Does she have dementia as her mother did? And is the killer behind the silent calls that she receives every day? As her husband and best friend start to doubt her sanity, Cass becomes more depressed and paranoid. Not only a story of murder and jealousy, but also of a woman trying to come to term with the fact that she may become like her mother. A compelling and sinister page-turner with so many twists and turns that at the end I was literally on the edge of my seat. (NP)



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