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The Book of Love - Fionnuala Kearney (2018)


This story relates the ups and downs of Erin and Dom’s relationship over 20 years. When they got married, her father gave them a notebook to write down the things they couldn’t say to one another and this book of love is with them through the years of happiness and heartbreak, love and loss, success and setbacks.
That’s about all I am going to say as it is best to go in without knowing much about the plot. This is definitely one of the must-read books of the year – it’s a moving, well-executed story with every ingredient that should keep readers glued to the page. For some inexplicable reason, it just didn’t completely captivate me. 7/10


The Book of Love, by Fionnuala Kearney, is a story for everyone who has loved and lost. The summary says: "One love. Two people. Twenty Years.
From the moment they met, Erin and Dom loved each other too much, too quickly. Everyone said it wouldn't last. But they knew differently.
A wedding present, a notebook, brings them together through the good times and the bad. On the blank pages of their love story, they write down everything they can't always say - the secrets, the heartbreak, the highs and lows. It's where they see the best and worst of each other.
Falling in love is easy but staying in love is where the story begins..." The Book of Love is out in October 2018.

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