In author De-ann Black's latest novel, The Bitch-Proof Suit, Blue Byrne has to overcome the odds in the New York fashion world, and to do this she'll need the ultimate fashion accessory. The summary says: "Her marketing experience has helped her create the perfect suit. She had it made by bespoke tailors, cut with twice the precision at half the price. No labels, no trends, just sheer cutting-edge class. The story starts in Manhattan. Blue is about to put her suit to the ultimate test when she vies against a boardroom full of conniving business rivals to win the top job assignment - to work in the company's office in Dublin, Ireland, and settle a few scores at the same time. The suit, her negotiating skills and gutsy determination helps Blue win the job. Within hours she sets off for Dublin. It's the one place she swore she'd never go back to. Six years ago she'd left that city behind, along with Morgan Daire, the man who broke her heart, sure she'd never return. It had almost destroyed her once, but hell ... she loves a challenge! She'll be working with the unspeakably glamorous and influential Verde Valmont, and Verde's Irish assistant, Emer. Blue will also be facing up to the formidable Dubliner, Morgan Daire, the man whose past is inexorably linked with hers. Then there's her friend, Dublin designer Murphy, an incorrigible rogue whose flirting causes jealousy and all sorts of trouble. She also encounters the sexy and handsome Sears Pearson, a New York coolhunter." Author tidbit: The Bitch-Proof Suit actually existed. The author, De-ann Black, designed and wore it several years ago when living and working in Dublin, and it served its purpose brilliantly. (CF)

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