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The Beautiful Dead - Belinda Bauer (2016)


Eve is a 29-year-old TV crime reporter who will do anything to not lose her job to the young blonde new hire. So, along with her trusted cameraman Joe, she goes from crime scene to crime scene trying to get exclusive footage that will keep her arrogant and sexist boss happy. Eve had to leave her glamorous life in London and move to the suburbs to live with her father who suffers from dementia. So, after spending her days attending crime scenes, she goes home to deal with a father who doesn't recognise her. Then a serial killer becomes obsessed with Eve. First he sends her a video of his latest killing and invites her to his next murder, or "exhibition", as he calls it. When the killer starts to target the people she loves, she has to help the police find him before it's too late.
This is not only a novel of murder and obsession, but also the story of a woman who has to face the fact that the man who has always been there for her now can't even remember her name. Her father's illness takes its toll on Eve's life as she is portrayed as someone with real-life problems whose sense of humour and can-do attitude help her get through the day. There is also romance as Eve tries to get over her crush for cameraman Joe, who she thinks is far too young for her. Dark, suspenseful and well-written, this is one of those books that will still be in your head after you've finished reading it. (NP)



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