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The Bad Mother's Diary - Suzy K. Quinn (2015)


This is the fictional account of Juliette Duffy, the proud mother of ten-month-old baby Daisy and the not-so-proud partner of Nick. Covering Juliette's first year of motherhood, it relates her struggles to be the perfect mother and partner, as she finds herself torn between the two. Anyone who is a new mum can totally relate to this funny, laugh-out-loud, frank account of being a new parent whilst at the same time trying to retain your former identity ...
I found this book to be charming. Written in diary entries, Juliette is an endearing narrator and I think women especially can identity with the trials and tribulations she faces. By turns comical and sad, it is a uplifting and realistic insight into the issues of motherhood and family. (LP)



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