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The Anti-Ageing of Harmony Richards - Fiona Jane Collins (2014)


Forty-five-year-old Harmony Richards has the life of your average stay-at-home mum, living in a small village with her husband and three children. However, her life is suddenly turned upside down when Harmony discovers her husband has been hiding things from her, particularly a girl named Melissa whom he was engaged to before he proposed to Harmony; in other words, the One That Got Away. And now, that same Melissa has moved back to the village, set on winning back her former fiance's heart. Harmony knows she shouldn't doubt twelve years of marriage, but before she can stop herself she finds herself stalking Melissa and flirting with a much younger man. Will Harmony be able to save her marriage or is it all just downhill from here? It was great discovering a new author with a comfortable writing style. Harmony is a lovely main character who was easy to warm to. Even if you're not yet in your forties, Harmony will win you over with the funny and recognisable situations she finds herself in. While the main focus really lies on Harmony, there are some entertaining secondary characters such as best friend Julia, who really made me laugh, and Melissa, who used to be engaged to Harmony's husband and who is easy to dislike (with a passion!). While the novel was a bit slow-paced in places, I was never fed up with the witty, well-written story and was curious to see how it would all end. (JoH)



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