That Time of the Month - Emily Shaffer (2012)

Ellie grew up in the South, she's 30, single and a lawyer living in New York - but she's suddenly in a pickle when she's is fired from her job (which she didn't really like anyway). Ellie decides she has a month to get another job, before she loses her apartment and has to admit to her dad that the job has fallen through and move into her niece's toyroom. In trying to find a new job, Ellie decides to write a best-selling novel... armed with her keen procrastination skills, will she ever finish a story with the coffee shop, the background music, the delicious multi-flavoured pies, and a mystery man to get in the way... This is Emily Shaffer's debut novel - and it's fantastic! Emily's writing is funny, smart and fresh - just like Ellie's. The characters are completely relatable and lovable - even "Mr Doe" Ellie's cat who has a hell of an attitude. The situations are absolutely hilarious and the story is so well written you can't help but feel you're right there with Ellie. (AT)

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