That Summer in Cornwall - Ciji Ware (2013)

Imagine your whole life being flipped upside down as you go from living a carefree life in your 20s to suddenly becoming a guardian for a child you have never met, for a cousin you barely kept in contact with. That is the life of Meredith Champlin, when she has her cousin's 11-year-old daughter, Janet, dumped on her doorstep in Wisconsin. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Meredith will try and reach her niece but when she reaches her wits' end, their saviour comes in the form of a trip for the summer to Cornwall in England where Janet's Aunt Blythe resides. Are two heads better than one when it comes to dealing with a wild child? What starts as just a trip for the summer may very well be the beginning of a new life and direction for both Janet and Meredith as they meet new friends within the community and discover their passions and learn the true meaning of a family despite its dysfunctions. If you are looking for an English countryside experience with a family feel then take a trip with That Summer in Cornwall - the first book in the Four Seasons series - and you will not be disappointed. (PP)

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