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It's Up to You, New York (2013)

Holly Collins is stuck in a telesales job she hates and it seems that nothing better is ever going to come along. That is until she is selected to appear on a reality show searching for the next modelling star. The show offers her the chance to really make something of her life but her boyfriend, James, isn't convinced by the whole reality TV spectacle and even Holly couldn't have predicted the direction her life would take off the back of the show. I was looking forward to reading this book but it wasn't as I had expected. Firstly, only around a third of the novel is set in the New York of the title and it's not really as integral to the story as it would suggest. Secondly, I felt the modelling story was rather rushed and undeveloped. In essence, I felt that the two parts of the story - the modelling show and the New York story - could probably each command their own novels and as such both felt limited. I also found Holly a hugely frustrating character and was never convinced by the question of James' betrayal. Having said all that, this is an easy, girly read, suitable if you're after something light and escapist. But for me there were too many gaps in the narrative. (JC)

The Camera Never Lies (2011)

British gal Britt Baxter is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to star as the cover girl of a new label - the only catch is she has to sleep with the label's boss. But the strongly principled Britt, who has a boyfriend Alex, turns it down and soon finds herself in Japan. The one place on earth that models go when they can't get work. But even here things don't work out the way Britt hoped and when tragedy strikes at home, she hops on a plane back to the UK. While waitressing at a PR party, Britt is noticed by a news producer of breakfast TV show Rise and Shine. Has Britt's dreams finally come true or will she discover that being on camera isn't all it is cracked up to be as she lands herself deep in the world of celebrities, divas and nosy paparazzo. Written by the presenter of British TV show Strictly Come Dancing, this is a fun look at the behind-the-scenes life of a TV presenter and what it takes for some stars to make it to the top of their game. (PP)

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