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Teapots and Tequila Shots - Kathleen Kole (2015)


Two years after Ginny lost her husband, she finally feels ready to get back to the business of living. She decides, though, that she's not going to go the normal 'grandmother' route of being the go-to babysitter for her grandchildren or taking up knitting, much to the dismay of her daughter-in-law, who thinks Ginny should really be acting her age. With the help of her friends, Ginny begins to realise all that life still has to offer a woman of a 'certain' age.
As someone who is getting closer to that 'certain' age, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Ginny and all of her new adventures. I loved that she refused to sit back and just be grandmotherly because she was a widow in her 60s. Teapots and Tequila Shots is a fun read and a great reminder to live life to the fullest, no matter what age you are! (LEK)



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