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Infidelity (2012)

In this sequel to Inheritance, Lyric Charlton, rehabbed party girl, has changed her ways and is ready to settle down with her wonderful fiance, Philippe. But, fate seems to have its own mind and things don't go as planned. Before Lyric knows it, tragedy has hit her family, not once or twice but three times and two of those times something (or someone) sinister seems to be behind it. But who? Meanwhile her brother, Edward, is falling for the mysterious and beautiful Amba - who is not at all what she seems - and her mother is living in a drug-fuelled haze. The only person holding her family together is her father, George, but everyone knows he is not in the best of health. Will Lyric and Phillippe work out their differences before it's too late and will someone be at fault for the loss that shakes the Charlton family to its core? Once again, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has written a stellar novel with an air of luxury that only someone who comes from wealth and glamour could know. It's obvious that Tara knows her subject and knows how to write about it with warmth and humility while also creating well-rounded characters. The Charlton family oozes wealth and entitlement but what is all of it worth at the end of the day if you don't have love and family to enjoy it with? No one knows this better than the main character, Lyric, and the author herself. (AS)

Inheritance (2010)

When IT girl Lyric Charlton is exposed as a drug user, her family decides it is in her best interest to send her off to rehab. But they are unaware that this decision will start a series of events which will change all of their lives forever. When Lyric returns from her stint in a US rehab facility, she is drug free and a completely new person. However, soon rumours start spreading that Lyric is still using and this creates a rift between her and her best friend, Treeva. On top of that, Lyric has lost her boyfriend, Ralph, who first introduced her to drugs but is now too toxic for her to be around. All of these dilemmas are going on, while in the background of the Charlton family, there is a dark horse who is trying to bring Lyric down to prevent her learning a secret so big that it will shake the whole family to the core. Lyric, however, is oblivious to this, and as a result her life is in danger. In a world where drugs are always available, money is of no concern, and trips to exotic locales are regular events, will Lyric be able to stay clean, discover the secret and find out who wants her dead before it's too late? This is a story filled with romance, suspense, drama and over-the-top glitz and glamour. Lyric somehow is so utterly sweet, beautiful and kind-hearted that you root for her all the way through. Through there are some issues with the timeline - it can be a bit confusing - overall this is an amazing debut with shades of the author's own life and is sure to skyrocket up to the bestseller list. (AS)

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