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RSVP (2010)

Set in the heart of Ireland, the wealthy Granville family has gathered for the engagement of Rossa Granville and Ashling Morrison. But like many powerful families, this one has many dark secrets and scandals - and the feuding is about to get even worse. There's matriarch Honoria, whose relationship with Rajesh, her Indian servant, goes a little beyond the bounds of servant-boss partnership. Jasper, Honoria's only surviving son, is the outcast, gay and living in Africa. Then there's Carrick, the oldest grandson and heir to Carrickhouse, who realises he's about to be disinherited unless he pulls out all stops to expose his brother Rossa, who is living a double life. And more scandal is threatened since Ashling and her stepmother Coppelia are more connected to the family than both realise. What happens when the truth starts to worm its way out? It becomes every man or woman for themselves as this pacy, racy story of murder, deceit, revenge and romance unfolds. (PP)

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