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Daughters of Fortune (2010)

The Melville sisters have one thing in common: they're heiresses to the exclusive Melville fashion dynasty. However, that's about all they do have in common - Elizabeth, Caitlin and Amber couldn't have been more different if they tried. Elizabeth and Amber were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and have never wanted for anything, but for middle child Caitlin, the illegitimate daughter from William's extra-marital affair with a young Irish woman, things couldn't have been more different. Thrown in at the deep end, Caitlin struggles to fit in and after being betrayed in the worst possible way during her first year at boarding school, she withdraws further and further into herself. Not wanting anything from the father she barely knows, Caitlin vows to leave the family estate and make it on her own, and although she's successful it's not long before events conspire against her and she's forced to go home where she's faced with even more heartache. Yet one event manages to bring the sisters and family back together for one last fight, however, this time it's not a fight between each other but against someone they thought they could trust. This is a thoroughly enjoyable blockbuster of a read - and an impressive debut. (KC)

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