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Tales of the Countess - Cali Bird (2020)


When your name is Countess and your world is special because you made it special, then this story cannot be a typical story.
Countess enjoys success in terms of her career but is miserable in matters of the heart. And it's all because of MSL (the Man She Loves) and her missed chance at being with the love of her life. Countess is trying to forget and move on but she is still making bad decisions and making herself even more miserable through drunken nights. How will she find love? Destiny, intuition, trusted advisers ... who will she listen to? You will be surprised.
I do believe in books and the magic that comes with them. This book (promoted as 'Sex In The City meets Toy Story') basically defies definition but I can definitely say it is magical. It walked me through my childhood, my teenage years and my love life. I was so happy to read every little detail. Because of quirky, captivating stories like this, I believe in the world of books and the spirit of imagination. (MH)



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