Tales from the Laundry Pile - Kathleen Kole (2013)

Claire Jamieson has moved back to her hometown with her husband and twin boys, a place she never thought she'd live again. While getting reacquainted with small-town living, and being in such close proximity to both her mother and her husband's parents, Claire finds herself becoming increasingly overwhelmed in her daily life. She begins to worry about every little thing that could go wrong, whether it's the boys building a go-kart with the neighbour down the street or her mother-in-law expressing disapproval when she takes time out of her day to go to yoga. She's having a hard time juggling everything and pleasing everyone at the same time and something's got to give. And it does. Luckily, with the help of some good friends, her extended family, and a great husband, she is able to find her way back to the Claire she once was. This is a great story for any woman who has ever felt the walls begin to close in around her. It takes a village to pull you out of your own way sometimes. (LEK)

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