Take Me Home from the Oscars - Christine Schwab (2011)

Christine has the job of her dreams as a fashion and beauty editor, with guest spots on some major television programs, including Live with Regis & Kelly, Oprah!, and Entertainment Tonight. She also finds her soulmate in Hollywood executive Shelly, whom she marries soon after meeting him. Christine is on top of the world when she starts to get excruciating pain in her hands and feet. At first she believes it is a sports injury and tries to ignore the pain and the swelling. But after months of the pain getting worse, Shelly tells her she needs to get herself checked out. After seeing several doctors she is diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and is heartbroken because she knows her life is forever changed. Her father also had rheumatoid arthritis and became confined to a wheelchair. Christine believes that if her debilitating condition is found out, her career will be over. This is a great book about her struggles with denial, depression and how she finally decided to come out to her peers. Christine is now a spokesperson for the National Arthritis Foundation. (CG)

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