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Switch-a-Wish - M.B. Earnheardt (2015)


I truly believe the biggest problem facing most relationships is the inability to communicate because the couple has lost the ability to relate to one another. Resentments build because frustrations are not being communicated and that's when the trouble begins. Chris and Amanda are just such a couple.
They've been together a long time and have three children. Amanda gave up her journalism career so she could take care of the home and the children, and often is taken advantage of by her mother-in-law, running errands for her as well.
University professor Chris is focused on his career and getting promoting to the chair of his department. Amanda is frustrated because she doesn't feel like Chris supports her and never seems to engage with her and the family. She thinks life would be better if they got a divorce.
Chris is frustrated because Amanda doesn't show him any affection and he can't remember the last time they had great sex. He is considering having an affair with one of his students. One night while putting the kids to bed, they each make a wish that the other one understood them. The next morning, they wake up to discover they have switched bodies.
They now have to live life as their spouse and figure out how to do that without making things worse. Along the way, they learn that their spouse doesn't have it as good as they thought and they realise that the love that brought them together hasn't gone away, it just needs a freshening up. As secrets are revealed, Chris and Amanda have to decide if what they have is worth fighting for.
I felt a lot of empathy for these characters and felt bad for the mess their relationship had become. I really enjoyed watching them struggle to figure out how they switched and wondering if they will ever be able to switch back. As both Chris and Amanda experience many realisations they never considered before and begin to fall in love with one other again, it gave me a good feeling to know that relationships are a lot of work but worth it. I recommend this story for readers who enjoy a story that cuts to the heart of the matter with characters that are easy to relate to. (SB)



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