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Sweetpea - C.J. Skuse (2017)


On the outside, Rhiannon seems a normal, nice and rather introvert girl, working as an editorial assistant at the local newspaper while writing her first novel and living with her boyfriend of four years, Craig. In reality, Rhiannon spends her time making lists of the people she would like to kill, including her cheating boyfriend, the reporter who stole her story, her neighbour with Alzheimer's who steals her things, the man at the Lidl checkout who squashes her food, and all the paedophiles and rapists who walk free in the world. And when the urge to kill becomes too much, Rhiannon goes out hunting because there is always a bad man ready to take advantage of a woman walking alone at night.
The author created a brilliant character in Rhiannon and you can't help liking her. Although the descriptions are crude and the violence is disturbing, I loved this novel. It is hilarious and sinister at the same time, captivating and provocative. (NP)



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