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Fashionably Yours (2014)

Maya Kapoor is a small-town Indian girl with a big dream: to be a modern, independent woman, and work at Glamorous, a high-end fashion magazine. Every week, her mother's friends and their daughters come over to cook, sew, and talk about their favourite thing: matchmaking. Maya, however, doesn't have any interest in cooking or sewing, and couldn't care less about becoming some man's trophy wife. When she's offered a job at Style magazine in Mumbai, Maya leaves home and hopes for the best. It's not quite the job she wanted, but she figures it's a step in the right direction. Two years later, she's no closer to her dream job at Glamorous, is struggling to pay her bills, and is worried that she may have accidentally flashed her knickers and generously curvy thighs at the gorgeous mystery man in the elevator. As Maya feels the pressure from a demanding boss, her disapproving mother, mounting credit card debt and wondering why gorgeous mystery man is interested in a curvy, less-than-perfect girl like her, Maya wonders if she's meant to achieve her dreams at all. This story expertly contrasts the traditional roles of women vs their desire to be modern and independent. If you want an entertaining read, with laughter and a whole lot of fabulous fashion, then this book is for you. Swati Sharma has a promising career ahead of her. (CK)

Note: Swati Sharma is a contributor to Chicklit Club.

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