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The Runaway Wife (2009)

Marion Bishop hasn't really been living since her nine-year-old daughter Hope died in a hit-and-run accident. Now her doctor husband Sam says he can't live with her anymore and leaves her alone with only their big mutt Hector for company. So Marion plans to end it all by overdosing. Heading out to the pharmacy to buy more pills, she is mugged by a youth with a knife. Suddenly Marion finds she is still willing to fight back. This book is best enjoyed when you don't know much more about the plot than that. It's well worth a spot on your reading list, with its raw depiction of a mother's grief sensitively mixed with more light-hearted moments.

Husbands and Lies (2009)

When Fran's best friend Alison - who's dying of cancer - asks her for a favour she can hardly refuse. She wants Fran to help her husband, Adam, find a new wife and mother for their young daughter Erin. But what Fran doesn't expect when she logs on to an internet dating site is to find a photo of her own husband, Max, staring back. Unable to confront him directly, she sends him a message posing as "Sassy" and they arrange to meet. But her plan quickly goes awry. A promising debut, which would have scored higher if every plot development wasn't so predictable.

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