Susan Wiggs is the author of many romance and historical novels.

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The Summer Hideaway (2010)

Claire Turner, a private nurse, is running away from her past. As a child she witnessed a murder and she has been in witness protection ever since. George Bellamy is dying of brain cancer. Instead of spending his final days in treatment, George hires Claire to be his nurse. George hires Claire not for her medical skills, but because he believes she is the perfect woman for his lonely grandson, Ross, who is returning from a tour in Afghanistan. Claire has always managed to avoid becoming emotionally involved with her clients, however, she soon finds herself falling in love with the Bellamy family. George is also hoping to reconnect with his estranged brother Charles who he has not spoken to in 55 years. The novel flashes between the past and the woman who drove George and Charles apart and the modern day love story between Claire and Ross. This is a wonderful love story about a dying man who lost the love of his life years ago and how it impacted his outlook on true love. (AO)

Lakeshore Christmas (2009)

In the latest novel in the Lakeshore Chronicles series, Maureen Davenport is a quiet librarian in the small town of Avalon. This year she is directing the annual Christmas pageant. Maureen's co-director is Eddie Haven, the famous former child star turned bad boy. Maureen and Eddie appear to be complete opposites, however, they both have had their hearts broken by others in the past. As the two spend more time together, they find themselves falling in love. The storyline is completely predictable but the characters are so heartwarming and sincere that you can't help smiling throughout the book. (AO)

Just Breathe (2008)

This is a long, yet stirring and heartfelt story about marriage. Cartoonist Sarah Moon had always stood by her husband Jack and loved him wholeheartedly; deferring her job and her desire for a child, and instead focused on nursing him when he was diagnosed with cancer. Now, with Jack fully recovered, Sarah goes for artificial insemination to fulfil her dreams of creating a family. But her world comes crashing down when she learns about Jack's infidelity; and she flees to her north Californian hometown, a place she never felt happy or like she belonged. There she meets Will Bonner, her high school obsession, and his 13-year-old stepdaughter, Aurora, and starts to rediscover herself, her past and what love is all about. (XT)

The Ocean Between Us (2004)

Grace and Steve Bennett have been married for 20 years and have raised three wonderful children. Steve is a naval officer who is deployed on an aircraft carrier for six months at a time. Grace has always embraced her role as a navy wife, however, as she approaches 40 she begins to examine her life and marriage and she realises she wants more. Just as Steve is about to be deployed, a huge secret from his past threatens to rip apart their marriage. This is an engrossing novel that realistically depicts the sacrifices a military family makes. (AO)

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