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The Wedding Writer (2011)

Illustrating the equally seductive and cut-throat world of the bridal industry, The Wedding Writer might initially be mistaken as a mimic of The Devil Wears Prada, but this is not the case. Schneider has successfully set the bar higher with her 10 years of experience as writer and editor for varied wedding magazines, providing the book with its realistic insider's view. It tells the story of four women who work for the hottest bridal magazine, Your Wedding, as they adapt to the sudden managerial decision to replace Grace Ralston, the most respectable woman in the industry and the editor-in-chief since the magazine's first issue, by her own protege Lucky Quinn. Each character strives to live up to ideals built on perfection and professionalism, but it all takes a toll on their personal lives. For Grace, it wasn't just the coincidence of her humiliating fall and the folding of her competitors Princess Bride and Tulle that has her at a low ebb but how she has to face everything she used her high-flying career to get away from - the physical realities of being 50, her loneliness and a broken relationship with daughter Isla. Fashion director Sara loves her job more than anything, yet her tiredness is beginning to overwhelm her and she's not so sure she can still cope with Lucky being in charge. Felice knows that she's a failure as a mother to 16-year-old Charles, and how it strains her marriage to Jack. Her job as art director isn't helping, especially now with a change in power, as the compromises she needs as a parent are no longer tolerated. Then there's Lucky, who's finding out life's not particularly easy at the top. This is a well-written book with fantastic characters, definitely one to put on your must-read list! (XT)

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