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Never Say Goodbye (2014)

Josie Clark and her husband are very hard-working people. They have two children, a son who is in jail for a crime Josie knows in her heart he could not commit, and a daughter who springs the news on them that she's getting married to her long-time boyfriend. Josie is so worried about her son, especially when she receives some devastating news that makes it seem that she's running out of time to help him. Bel is a property developer who is lonely, still mourning the death of her twin sister. She spends much of her time with her sister's husband and their two children, seemingly trying to take her sister's place, which is not ok, since her (ex) brother-in-law has remarried and his wife is not happy about it. Josie's and Bel's lives will intersect in a way they least expect and help them both to survive emotionally at one of the most difficult times in their lives. This was a wonderful story and I felt the anguish of both women, being drawn to each other for friendship and support that would both enrich and devastate their lives. I actually sobbed with the unfairness of it all. (KARM)

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