Surprise Me! - Nancy Goodman (2012)

How can a girl figure out if she's choosing the right man to marry? Genie keeps asking herself this question again and again as she stumbles through the various roadblocks in her life. Genie runs Surprise Enterprise with her partner Stephen where they mastermind off-the-wall surprise parties in unique locations. Genie thinks that she is a broken person inside and will ultimately drive away every guy from her life. She has a best friend, Danny, whom she knows she loves but just cannot decide if it's for real or misplaced fondness. And then she bumps into Jeff who sweeps Genie off her feet. Theirs is a passionate relationship where they both love and hate each other with equal measure. To control her binge eating, Genie must confront her past and resorts to therapy and Kabbalah classes. The story switches between the past and present which gives us an insight into Genie's insecurities and fears. This book is a combination of fiction and thought-provoking self-help lessons for dealing with our issues and moving on. Having dealt with binge eating herself, Goodman is a coach for people with emotional eating and weight loss issues. (PD)

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