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Summer at the Vineyard, by Fliss Chester, sees some flirtation in the south of France. The summary says: "Jenna Jenkins needs to get away. She's been unceremoniously sacked from her job and it's make-or-break time with her boyfriend Angus, so a summer job at the beautiful Chateau Montmorency in the south of France seems like the perfect solution.
Planning the party of the century, dining out with suave Frenchmen, and giving in to a little temptation among the vines are all in a day's work... but is there a secret lurking in the chateau cellars?
Caught in a trap she can't talk - or drink - herself out of, Jenna is well and truly corkscrewed. Things are really hotting up under the sun when a mysterious benefactor helps her out of her jam. But why does he seem so familiar?" Summer at the Vineyard is out in June 2018.



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