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United States of Love (2013)

Anna is working a couple of jobs when she runs into the owner of a new restaurant in town, an American chef named Tex. Through a friend of his, the language specialist starts working for a relocation company, and Tex becomes her client. Meanwhile Anna's estranged husband Mark lobs on her doorstep after taking off for the US a year earlier. Although she is keen for him to reforge ties with their teenage son Luke, she doesn't want him back in her life. But it looks like Mark is determined to make waves. Told from both Anna and Tex's viewpoints, this is a fairly run-of-the-mill romance story and I didn't find any of the characters particularly convincing. For foodies expecting lots of heat from the kitchen, Tex's job doesn't play much of a part, apart from a plot thread about someone trying to sabotage his efforts.

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