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Stolen Goods - Kay Marie (2019)


The second book in Kay Marie's How to Catch a Thief series has everything a reader wants from the spy/thief action as the main character tries to dodge bullets flying from the Russians as well as stay one step ahead of the FBI. It also has a romantic comedy angle as he accidentally kidnaps someone.
Art thief Thad is on the run with a Degas painting, and he needs to get a message to his friend Jo without being traced. This leads him to Addison, one of her online baking friends. But Thad's plan gets disrupted as it seems he is not the only one who has been following Addison. With Thad still needing to get the message to Jo and Addison not being safe, he ends up kidnapping her. The plan is for them to travel to Arizona where Thad needs to see an old friend and where Jo and her annoying FBI boyfriend Nate Parker will meet them. This is another fun cozy, romantic suspense by Kay Marie.



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