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The Accidental New Yorker (2014)

Paige has been made redundant from her job and with only seven months left on her visa, she has no other option than to return to Canada. While on her way home, she ends up having a disaster of a time on the plane and finds herself bumped up to first class where she meets Tyler, a rich and wealthy businessman from New York. On a whim, Paige decides to stick around New York and of course she doesn't have a visa so has the "fake it while you can" mentality. During her seven months, she will gather a few under-the-table-payment jobs, meet some new friends, and share with some odd roommates who won't allow her bacon or wine. Being a writer, Paige starts a blog about living in New York without a visa. It soon goes viral, with everyone asking "who is this Accidental New Yorker"? Can Paige risk being revealed or will she use her blog to her advantage in trying to score a visa? If you love books with a realistic but klutzy human, this sequel will have you laughing in places and cringing in others at the messes Paige finds herself in. (PP)

The Accidental Socialite (2014)

Paige Crawford wanted a change in her life, so decides to move from the comforts of Canada to England. Little did she know within a few days of being in London, her life was going to change so dramatically. All because of one clumsy incident, Paige finds herself going from being a nobody to becoming one of the most sought-after socialites in the city. Everyone wants a piece of her - especially the paparazzi, which is really starting to put a dampener on her life as they follow and record her every move. It turns out even though you get all the glamour, freebies and invites, being in the limelight isn't all it's cracked up to be. The Accidental Socialite is a fun and light-hearted read which reminds us to never believe what you read in the papers. (PP)

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