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Surrounded by Water (2014)

When Elizabeth Gray's policeman husband, Michael, drowns rescuing a young woman, Kate, her world comes crashing down around her. While Michael's mother Patricia, Elizabeth's sister Mel, and friends Andy and Blake rally round, Elizabeth is consumed by grief for the loss of the man she loved and questions she will never have the answers to: Why did he go in the water? Did he think about her when he was rescuing the girl? But as more facts come out, Elizabeth faces even tougher questions about her relationship with her husband. Written from various perspectives and interspersed with Elizabeth's posthumous letters to her husband, this is a powerfully delivered novel. The letters really capture Elizabeth's emotions and make the reader acutely feel her grief, loss and anger, whilst the plot intrigues throughout. It's a thought-provoking and moving read. A sensational debut that's not to be missed. (JC)

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