Sophie's Run - Nicky Wells (2013)

In part two of a trilogy, Sophie is alone, having broken up with previous boyfriends Tim and Dan. Unlike Tim, Sophie has remained best mates with rock star Dan, who seems to have a burning ember still glowing for Sophie. After her flat burns down during her 30th birthday celebration, Sophie temporarily moves in with Dan and just as she is contemplating life with him again, she experiences a thunder bolt and lightning moment with the handsome Steve. Without having ever met him, she determines that he is THE ONE. While she's on a mission to meet her future husband, her best friend Rachel is unceremoniously dumped by her fiance and jumps off a ship into the ocean. Sophie eventually meets nurse Steve when she requires emergency appendix surgery and just when her life seems to be on track and she's with the gorgeous Steve, they have a fight and she finds her best friends Rachel and Dan in a compromising position. Sophie runs away and finds herself on an isolated German island where the locals embrace her and allow her to heal. When she's eventually found, will her friends forgive her and more importantly will Steve? (LF)

Sophie's Turn - Nicky Wells (2011)

Sophie has been in a relationship with Tim for two years. She is waiting for him to pop the question, even though her friend Rachel doesn't like him at all. Despite a horrible second anniversary celebration and not-so amazing trip to Paris, Tim finally proposes. She should be focused on planning her wedding but destiny has other plans for her. Sophie's favourite band, Tusk, is playing in town and she is determined to meet Dan, the lead singer who won her heart years ago. And somehow she ends up engaged to the rock star too. Who will she choose? ? I found Sophie quite annoying and confusing. She is a terrible decision maker. However Nicky Wells has made a commendable effort in juggling the story between past and present. (SS)

Sophie's Turn - Nicky Wells (2011)

It's Sophie and Tim's two-year anniversary and journalist Sophie is almost certain Tim is going to propose. She has selected a great restaurant - maybe a little expensive for accountant Tim's taste - but she wants everything to be perfect. But the night turns into a complete disaster right from the start when Sophie is late and Tim goes to the wrong address. And when she gives Tim his anniversary present, she discovers he's forgotten all about their special milestone. To make up for his oversight, he announces he is taking her to Paris for a mini holiday. But even in Paris it seems nothing goes right for them - the weather is wet and gloomy and Tim's mood swings are grating on Sophie's nerves. And to make matters worse, Tim tells her he planned on proposing but has forgotten the ring. Back in London, the newly engaged Sophie finds out her favourite band Tusk is to play in a small pub. She jumps at the chance to see them again - particularly Dan the lead singer who she was once smitten over. And somehow Sophie ends up also being engaged to Dan. This is a great debut from Nicky Wells about deciding your fate. Do you choose the one who got away or choose the current one you "think" you are in love with? This book jumps from past to present to show Sophie's connections with the band a few years before she met Tim. (CG)

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