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To Marry a Prince (2011)

When Bella Greenwood returns from living on a tropical island, it takes her time to readjust to life in a big city. To help her get reacquainted, Bella's best friend, Charlotte, takes her to the party of the year and that is where Bella's life changes forever. While laying in a heap of ivy and twigs after falling out of her chair, Bella is helped by a stranger who she feels a strong connection with. What she doesn't know is that this stranger is Prince Richard, the most eligible bachelor in England, and he also feels a connection to her. Soon, the two begin a whirlwind romance, which leads to an engagement and lots of bad press for Bella and Richard. After all, who ever thought the heir to the throne would marry a common girl like Bella? Having her every move watched and criticised is bad enough but when someone is purposely trying to sabotage her and Richard's engagement, that could be the end of the fairytale for Bella. Will she let others dictate her happiness or will she fight for what she really wants? With the royal wedding fast approaching, this is a sweet book that picks up on current events and really makes you realise what it takes for a normal girl to become a princess. Bella is an endearing character, who easily transitions from a single girl, to a girl ready to live her life in the limelight. (AS)

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