Some Girls Do - Clodagh Murphy (2013)

Shy and inexperienced Claire writes an erotic blog, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, under the pseudonym NiceGirl. When she is offered a book deal by publisher Mark, it becomes clear that the pair have feelings for each other, but Claire is worried because her erotica is mainly fictional and fears that Mark may be expecting someone a lot more experienced in the bedroom. She enlists the help of struggling artist Luca, to teach her a thing or two about sex. But will she succeed in fooling Mark into believing she is like her alter ego, and find her Mr Right? Having recently read the prequel ebook Scenes of a Sexual Nature, I was very excited to get stuck into this novel, and I wasn't disappointed. Claire was so likeable, and so at odds with her alter ego, that I couldn't help but hope she would find her happy ending. I was worried that the frequent sex scenes would give a feel of reading erotica rather than chick lit, but they were well written and not too smutty! There were some unexpected twists and some poignant moments, and I very much enjoyed it all. (LO)

Some Girls Do, by Clodagh Murphy, is about an erotic blogger who needs to brush up on her sex skills. The summary says: "Quiet, studious Claire works in a bookshop and dreams of becoming a bestselling writer. By night she writes an erotic blog called Scenes of a Sexual Nature, resigned to a life of writing about sex rather than actually having any. But when Claire is offered a book deal by Mark Bell, the hot London publisher with whom she's been flirting online, it seems like all her dreams have come true. Except that Mark only knows Claire as her risque online persona NiceGirl and Claire needs to brush up on her sex skills fast - before she's exposed. But when Claire enlists the help of Luca, a brooding, gorgeous and infinitely unsuitable artist, to be her sex coach, things begin to get complicated. Mark is offering Claire the life she's always dreamed of - the literary world of London and a posh Hampstead apartment. Luca is a struggling commitment-phobe who is willing to teach sex for money. Claire has a decision to make. But great sex, friendship AND love...can't a girl have it all?" Some Girls Do is out in January 2014.

Scenes of a Sexual Nature, an ebook short story by Clodagh Murphy, introduces readers to Claire, the character from her upcoming novel Some Girls Do. The summary says: "After a disastrous one-night stand with her long-time crush Dan, quiet and studious Claire decides that sex is much more satisfying (and she's less likely to get hurt) when she's calling the shots. So when she decides to write an erotic short story as part of a creative writing project she lets all her fantasies run wild - including a Pretty Woman scenario and steamy sex with an off-limits tutor who bears a striking resemblance to her real-life creative writing tutor. But as Claire nurses a broken heart in real life, her fictional alter ego is about to discover that when it comes to the bedroom, giving up control can be fun - when it's with the right person..."

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