Somebody Else's Shoes - Tiffany Wright

It is said that "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". So what happens when you suddenly wake up one day to find yourself in someone else's shoes? For Mia, if there is one thing in her life that is inhibiting her from moving ahead, it's her own insecurity and diffidence. Mia's life is like a pair of flat ballet pumps - practical but unfulfilling. She has set herself into a comfortable albeit mind-numbing and dull routine. On the other hand, Natasha's life is equivalent to sky-high Louboutin heels - stylish, elegant and oozing with self-confidence. In short, exactly opposite to what Mia represents and exactly what Mia secretly craves to be. But one rainy evening, their worlds collide and what follows is a crazy rollercoaster of a ride as Mia stumbles into Natasha's life. Mia believes that a woman with perfect shoes has the perfect life but as she struts through Natasha's glamorous life in her equally glamorous and expensive shoes she realises that all it takes is being trapped in the wrong shoes to actually realize what she really wants. At the outset, this seemed to be a very cliched storyline but as the plot progressed, it became a gripping and thought-provoking read. The author's writing style captivates the reader and combined with equal amounts of drollness and wit, this becomes a definite page-turner. (PD)

Somebody Else's Shoes is the debut novel from British magazine writer Tiffany Wright. The summary says: "Frumpy, insecure, London real life journalist Mia is unfulfilled with her life. Her job interviewing the weird and wonderful people of the world is unfulfilling, she doesn't have a love life and her family and on the brink of driving her to the edge. If she were a pair of shoes she would be ballet pumps - reliable, comfortable and just a little bit dull. Gorgeous Natasha Logue is a celebrity fashion stylist with everything she could possibly want at her feet. Her days are spent smooching around with celebs, wearing outrageously expensive clothes and dating London's sexiest men. She is the epitome of a Louboutin - sleek, stylish and the envy of every other woman out there. But one day Mia and Natasha's worlds collide in a way neither could imagine possible and suddenly the shoes are on the other foot. But will a new chance of life be the opportunity both women need to change? Or is the grass always greener? We discover what it's really like walking in somebody else's shoes."

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