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Untruly Yours (2012)

On first impression to any outsider, Natasha's world seems picture-perfect. Natasha, married to her college sweetheart, is a free-spirited soul who tries to be a perfect wife, an ideal hostess and a caring mother. But trying to be everything at once, she feels lost and that her real self is slipping away. The knockout combination of a professionally consumed husband and "Godzilla" mom-in-law push her to the brink of loneliness and frustration. So she jumps at the first chance that comes her way to escape from the monotony of her marriage to return to India, with her 11-year-old son who is clearly too impertinent for his age and a devastatingly handsome work colleague Steve in tow. However, the much-anticipated homecoming turns out to be a bittersweet journey for her. Battling between the attentions of Steve and Veer (her ex-flame and philandering flirt), Natasha finds it difficult to stay clear of trouble. And as she takes the road less travelled, she falters a lot before finding her way. The author has created a plot and cast that is entirely relatable which makes for a refreshingly honest read - it is only a short book though at 146 pages. The narration not only tickles your funny bone but is also thought-provoking. (PD)

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