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Driftwood Cottage (2011)

Heather and her son little Mick leave Baltimore to move back to Chesapeake Shore with the support of Connor O'Brien's family. She has left Connor - the father of her son - because as a divorce lawyer he believes that marriage only ends in heartache. Heather opens a quilting shop and hopes to start over. Connor visits Chesapeake Shore to see his son and hopes that he can convince Heather to continue to live as they have without tying the knot. When Heather has a car accident, it causes Connor to rethink his views on marriage and they move into Driftwood Cottage. Will Connor change his mind and marry Heather? I enjoyed this heartfelt story about the continuing saga of the O'Brien family (this is book five of the Chesapeake Shores series) and am becoming a fan of Sherryl Woods. (JG)

Moonlight Cove (2011)

Jess O'Brien and her friends, Connie and Lailla, all sign up for online dating service Lunch by the Bay. Lailla and Connie find matches right away but Jess doesn't get any takers. Will, a psychologist and owner of the dating service, is hesitant to put Jess' profile up as he has always had a thing for her. He is convinced by Lailla to pursue a relationship with Jess but as a sufferer of attention deficit disorder Jess is turned off by his profession, thinking he sees her as some sort of case to analyse. Will the ladies be successful in finding love online? And can Will convince Jess? This is book six of the Chesapeake Shores series - it was a satisfying read which made me feel very connected to the characters. (JG)

Beach Lane (2011)

Susie O'Brien (a cousin of Jess from the previous book) has been friends with Mack for a long time - in a "not-dating" sort of way. Now Mack has decided that Susie is the only woman for him and wants to take their relationship further. Then Mack gets laid off from his newspaper job and goes into hibernation to avoid his friends and Susie. He thinks if he waits until he has another job he can ask Susie to marry him. But Susie receives her own bad news, which she refuses to share with Mack. Will they ever be able to coordinate their time together and realise that some things can't wait? This book struck a chord with me because of some of the issues the main protagonist has to deal with. I have really enjoyed this Chesapeake Shores series (this is book seven) and look forward to reading more. (JG)

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