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The Thing About Jane Spring (2005)

A family military background has made Jane Spring an efficient, aggressive and blunt lawyer. But it doesn't seem to help her find a man. So after watching a Doris Day marathon on TV during a snowstorm, she decides to reinvent herself to become what men what along the lines of the actress. She starts wearing pastel suits with pencil skirts, frosted pink lipstick and cuts her blonde hair into a cute bob. But with her colleagues thinking she's putting on an act to win a case, will the more feminine Jane also win her man?

Walk of Fame (2000)

Tom Webster is an average, boring financial writer. He finds himself alone when his wife leaves him for his best friend, Jake. Tom is suddenly offered $100,000 by a trendy magazine if he can make himself famous within 30 days. At the end of that period, Tom must write a tell-all article describing his quick rise to fame. Tom convinces Alexandra West, a blonde bombshell actress, into meeting him publicly. Alexandra wants to be taken more seriously as an actress, so she uses Tom in order for the public to view her differently. The couple is stalked by the paparazzi and the tabloids nickname them the modern-day Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. Tom's life changes drastically as he quickly rises to fame and adjusts to how differently people treat him. The author does a fantastic job writing on celebrity society and why certain people are famous for doing nothing. (AO)

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