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The Lost Guide To Life And Love (2009)

Tilly Flint, on a rare night out with boyfriend Jake, is the sole witness when a glamorous model leaps from a nightclub window and disappears into the night. The following week while on holiday in the wild Pennines, Tilly and Jake have the last of many arguments and when Jake storms off, Tilly is left alone in a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere. Intrigued to learn she has family locally, Tilly digs deeper, discovering her great-grandmother's past and the eerie parallels in her own life. As she explores the treacherous moors, she discovers mysterious pieces of cherry-red ribbon. What do they signify and who is the familiar face in the local pub? Then a chance encounter with celebrity footballer Clayton Silver leads Tilly into a high-octane world that spells danger. Can the ribbons from the past be a lifeline to the present? With a fantastic cast of characters and a plot with an air of mystery about it, this is a really great read. (KC)

The Accidental Time Traveller (2008)

Have you ever dreamt about going back in time to a different era and lifestyle? News reporter Rosie Harford is about to get the shock of her life when after an argument with her journalist boyfriend Will, she snatches up an assignment to clear out her headspace. The assignment is to cover a housing estate's 50th anniversary which includes the staging of a reality TV show called The 1950s House. When Rosie steps through the front door, she finds herself transported back to the 50s. At first Rosie believes this is all part of her assignment. But after reporting back for duty at her workplace she is told that the male reporters are given all the good stories and the women are confined to weddings, cooking and parenting. Plus where on earth are all the computers and mobile phones? Rosie teams up with reporter Billy - who looks uncannily like her boyfriend Will, with a wife who resembles her best friend Caz. Thrown together at work, the pair become closer but of course this time Billy is out of bounds. Can Rosie return back to the year 2008 and tell Will that she loves him or will she be stuck in the 1950s? This will be right up the alley of readers who like being transported back in time to a different decade. (PP)

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