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The Estrogen Posse (2011)

When Ellie discovers her husband, Nicky, is having an affair, she confronts him. And ends up with no money, no car and no home for her son Joey. And when Nicky's mistress turns up dead, she becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Ellie's best friend, Rina, is a high-flying businesswoman who has always put her career before her love life. So when she discovers she's pregnant, she has some hard decisions to make. Now that Ellie's life has been torn apart, all she has is her 'Estrogen Posse' to see her through - but will she be able to clear her name and get her life back on track? This is an interesting mix of chick lit and murder mystery. It took a few chapters to really get me hooked into the storyline, there were quite a few sex scenes in the beginning that put me off a bit. But once it got into the murder case, this was a very enjoyable book. There were some very enjoyable secondary characters like Gram Crackers and Nevins, and their humour really made the book for me. An inspiring story of a woman whose life has crumbled around her clawing her way back to the top. (LO)

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