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The Reason is You (2012)

This follows the life of single mother Dani and her teenage daughter Riley. Dani has lost her job and with nowhere else to go, they head back to her hometown of Bethany. Dani had left there as soon as she could to escape her gift - she can see and speak to the dead - and one ghost in particular, Alex, who had always had her in knots. Dani had always hoped that the gift would skip Riley until she sees her daughter talking to Alex. Dani certainly hopes that Riley doesn't have to live through what she experienced but when Riley starts to get harassed, she will soon discover that her daughter does not back down to anyone. Dani and Alex's friendship increases and passions between the living and the dead start to spark. What happens though when Dani discovers how Alex died and the true reason she feels so close to him? Will Dani feel betrayed when she discovers the truth of why she is in the living and not in the land of the dead? This is an amazing tale of romance and love on the other side and a tale of how strong family bonds can form when the going gets tough and there is no one else to turn to. (PP)

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