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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (2005)

When Rory Egglehoff's high school crush, Hunter Chase, turns up as a client at her firm, the Star Wars fan puts the Ultimate Jedi Plan into action to get him to notice her and take her to their school reunion. Trouble is she also has a boyfriend, Tedious Tom, who she just can't seem to break up with.

Did you know? Rory's best friend, Allison Holloway, is the heroine of another Shane Bolks' novel Reality TV Bites.

Reality TV Bites (2006)

Allison Holloway is one of the few people who will openly admit to being a reality TV junkie. So she's very excited when her interior design firm is signed up for TV show Kamikaze Makeover, where they compete against a Japanese team to decorate a room, using one unorthodox item. Once the show premieres though, Allison's world comes crashing back to reality, as the episodes are edited to make her and her team look anything but professional - even when she makes a room work using vibrator art. And more trouble is afoot when she gets involved with show producer and Italian prince Nicola Parma.

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