Seven Letters from Paris - Samantha Verant (2014)

Samantha Verant's life was predictable and boring yet chaotic at the same time. At almost 40 years of age, her relationship was going nowhere, she was out of work, facing bankruptcy, and indecisive about which way to turn. Samantha looked back at her life and realised she must take action and map out a future for herself and her dog. She mused over letters she had kept hidden in the attic, seven love letters sent to her twenty years earlier, the result of a short love affair with an enigmatic, vibrant, persuasive and romantic Frenchman called Jean-Luc. She is haunted by what could have been. She had not answered the letters and suddenly felt overwhelmed by regret and nostalgia. Stirred up by her memories, she is spurred into action. All at once she knows what she must do. She must seize the moment and follow her dreams. This is her story, the true story of what happened next, and what a story it is! Galvanised into action, what lay ahead was the struggle to end all struggles, and this amazing true story held me absolutely spellbound, full of admiration for her determination, tenacity and belief in her feelings. It is exciting, daring, sometimes reckless, hugely romantic and even erotic. I recommend this memoir as a great read; a read with the motto 'Follow your heart' and 'Believe in your dreams', because you never know where the whirlwind of excitement may end. (JH)

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